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Welcome to my little real estate on the web, my name is Mike and I'm a 30 year-old Canadian-Polish Photographer & Videographer. I was born in the great city of Rome but have lived in Canada for most of my life; I currently live in Japan.

I was first introduced to cameras in high school along with  other tech stuff I came across. I took a broadcast program in college to further my education and develop my skills in the creative art of looking through a lens, and editing video.

I've worked a few different jobs in the industry, as a commercial editor, assistant Photographer, an Associate Producer for a TV broadcast company, and as a Video Engineer. I'm currently an English teacher in Japan.

In my spare time I keep myself busy with various video and photo-related projects, creative urges must be dealt with.

I've traveled across Europe, speak three languages (learning a fourth), keep my body in shape, occasionally play some video-games, and further educate myself on different aspects of life.

People often ask me about my half-white beard, it's natural; cause that's just how It is.

I'm available for freelance work if desired, please email me for info.

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