I've had my work published on various websites, books and magazines. Here's an incomplete list:

Fashionably Geek JAN/2016 - Comiket 89 Post

Years of Cosplay Photography OCT/2015 - Created a Book on my 5 years of Cosplay Photography

ssuu - AJET JULY/2015 - Cover Page & Table of Content Photos

Issuu - Live JULY/2015 - In-Depth Interview and Photo Showcase (P.121 - 129)

Playboy - Sexy Cosplay  APRIL/2015 - Ryoko Shot featured on their Weekly Sexy Cosplay Post

"Cosplay" Book - Carlton Publishing Group -  JUNE/2015 - Several Photos Featured in their Cosplay Book

Kotaku FEB/2015 - Feature on Katsucon 2015 Photos

Dorkly SEPT/2014 - Elizabeth-Bioshock Photos

CosplayPhotographers JULY/2014 - In-Depth Interview

Kotaku AUG/2014 - Feature on Metal Gear Solid Cosplay Set

GeekTyrant MARCH/2014 - Jayne Cobb Feature

Kotaku LazyGamer MARCH/2014  - Feature on the Katsucon 2014 Photos

Fashionably Geek SEPT/2013 - Attack on Titan

Agents of Geek MAY/2013 - Cosplayer Interview Showcasing Photos 

1000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas MAY/2013 - Features a few of my Photos

Geek X Girls OCT/2012 - Steampunk Poison Ivy

Kotaku AUG/2012  - Feature on the Otakon 2012 Photos

Kotaku JULY/2012 - Feature on Anime Expo 2012 Photos

Cosmode FEB/2012 - Feature in Cosmode 44

NerdCaliber NOV/2011 - In-depth Interview  

PCGames SEPT/2011 - German article Feature

Kotaku AUG/2011  - Feature on Cosplay Photography