Anime North 2010 photos are here for your viewing

It was a long and superb weekend, filled with thousands of cosplayers and attendees. Who knew the weekend could be so full of great surprises, here's my report.

Didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would to process the pictures. 200 of'em posted in total. I'll be uploading the private photoshoot pictures tomorrow or Friday hopefully, but these should be enough for most of you.

The weekend was stupendous, great weather, great people, sweet-deal DVD's, and great photographs!

My first wrong turn of the weekend (ironically) was missing my exit from the 401, and of course nothing is as simple as it is, so I had to spend 20 minutes finding and getting back. When I did arrive, it was about 2 o'clock. The weather was great (same all weekend), and right off the bat I saw plenty of cosplayer on their way/at the con. Still not sure on the total number of attendees, but I'm sure its around the 25k mark or so.

Picking up my badge was a breeze, 15 minutes. At which point I went to my car and got changed into my houndoom costume. There's too much to highlight from over the weekend. So many great moments, plenty of awesome people I got to talk with, plenty of awesome people I had the pleasure of doing photoshoots with, several more I wish I could have done but didn't, sorry!

The entire flow of the convention went rather smootly and was pleasent (as far as I was there), and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The biggest distraught was probably the lack of garbage cans again this year, which I hoped look at -again- for next year. The 404's once again were brilliantly fantastic and had the entire crowd gasping for air! The masquerade started on time and went by great, the dealers room was full, but not so much that you couldn't get through, and just various other things that made it an awesome weekend.

Overall if you were at anime north I'm sure the photos I took will give you a vague idea of what you missed. View the photos here!