Weekend at the Crowded FanEx


A rather jammed and full-packed weekend at FanEx located at the Toronto Metro Convention Center.

Consensus is that Hobbystar oversold the con and knew that it would happen so, I'm not going to go into what they should do for next year on here, and despite all that, I still managed to have some fun during the weekend.

You might've noticed, but I haven't taken very many photos at this con, Friday was a bit slow, Saturday I  didn't even take out my camera for that matter, and Sunday was the big day where I shot most of my stuff, even brought along my tripod. 

Some of the highlights for me were seeing some of my friends at the con, the one photoshoot I shot, the one photoshoot I was *in*, and playing some games on the Xbox Kinect and Halo Reach. I didn't purchase much, just a few mangas and some pins. I walked down every isle to check out what was available, and though there was enough from each genre, it was rather spread out in an odd manner.

I hope for next year, they go back to the South building (as rumored), because from 2005 (last time it was in the north building) till now, the con has really grown in size, 50,000+ total attendees.

So go check out the photos and comment on what you thought.


Update: Snow White photoshoot is up