The Sudden New York Comic Con

A buddy called me up last Wednesday night and asked if I wanted to go to the New York Comic Con the next day, I said sure. Having nothing else on my to-do list, I decided it would be pretty cool to just suddenly jump aboard the band-wagon like that, and boy did I ever have fun.

I was picked up Thursday night enjoyed the 9-hour drive to New York, we entered our room around 7:30 Friday morning. We had some breakfast before napping to make up for some lost sleep. I headed out to the convention by around 11, started off with taking some photos. There’s a lot that happened during the weekend, so I’m not gonna to go through details. My first step was the get a basic understanding of the layout, which is massive, multiple rooms on multiple levels, neat in a way. Plenty of room on the sides to take photos or sit down, I really enjoyed the Javits convention center. There was no lack of cosplayers and lots of great-looking costumes!

Friday night I went out for Sushi with my friends, and I made sure to get every last piece that I paid for, and then some more. Saturday was busy as they usually are, but not as tight as I worried it might be, lots of extra room to the side thankfully, only the sidewalk outside was crowded due to it being small and some construction going on. The dealer/artist/demo area was divided into three giant rooms, you could easily spend an entire day simply going through each booth. There were lots of big-name corporations promoting their stuff, Chevrolet, Intel, Ubisoft, Microsoft, and many others, so there was plenty to see and do. Chevrolet even brought a flying car!! (It was basically an inflated balloon in the shape of a car with small propellers on the side, which looks good up close, but can look very real from a distance). The alleyways were also fairly roomy and not too tight like AX/FX cons, kudos to that.

I went and did some touring here and there during the weekend, even went to Times Square and oh my is it ever crowded, busy and big! I pulled a Hiro from Heros where I raised my arms and yelled “Yatta!” in Time’s Square… It was cool.

Saturday night we went out to KyoChon, a chicken-wing focused restaurant, which was amazing. I ordered chicken wings, potato wedges and these cracker spoons with a bacon-dip inside, super cool looking place too! After that, there were 9 of us who went out and did some Karaoke at a nearby place. When I do Karaoke, I don’t sing, I yell, regardless of what song it is, my throat was hurting by the time I left. I walked alone back to our hotel after some touring and visiting some gift shops.

Sunday was the final day of the trip, still packed full of fun stuff! I did a total of 6 photoshoots at the convention and shot some video which I’ll post later once edited. We left New York at 7:30pm on Sunday and got back to my place at 5am, I slept for 3 hours before heading out for a full day of work.

I’m glad I went on this awesome trip, it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every minute, met a lot of new people and caught up with old friends, even bought a model helicopter at Toy “R” us. I’ll definitely be taking Alex and going back next year!

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