Con-G Weekend a Photo Blast

Con-G was blast this past weekend taking place at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Guelph. I took a bunch of photos and videos over the weekend, which I’ll be posting more after this article. My weekend started Friday night, preparing all my gear, making sure batteries are charged, cleaning lenses, etc…  It’s also the first con I’ve brought my new lighting kit to, which proved to be quite useful for the photoshoots I did! I left Saturday morning and made it to the con about 10:45, the drive went rather smoothly. I then picked up my media pass (Thanks Lindsey!), set some stuff away, and took a tour of the new venue.

Check out the Photos here!

The new hotel is a great place some interesting photos, albeit there being a lot of stuff all around, I still managed to snag a spot under the stairs and set my lighting kit up. My weekend consisted mainly of taking photos and videos, so I didn’t get much of a chance to attend too many of the panels and videos that went on. I did get a glimpse of the 404’s, whom are hilarious as always. I also had a chance to meet and chat a little with this year’s guest of honour, Brad Swaile. He’s a cool and edgy guy, I even had him autograph his name into my little black book… : P

I attend the masquerade for about half an hour on Saturday night, being in between shoots and leaving for dinner soon after. A group of about 14 of us went to W sushi for all-you-can-eat sushi, and by gosh was it delicious. How could attend a Japanese event, and not have Japanese food to eat afterwards?  My night ended there as I needed to head back home, before coming back the next day.

I had a bit more time to leisure around on Sunday, checked out the dealer’s room, bought a few items, chatted with some friends while relaxing in nice comfy chairs. The smaller size of the Convention made it less stressful when wandering around or trying to get somewhere, but as good things grow they tend to get bigger, so I won’t be surprised if the convention hits the 10k mark in a few short years!

Looking forward towards next year's con!



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