Double-Con Weekend

It was a busy weekend for myself, having two birthdays and two cons to attend to. The first was MTAC on Saturday, which I visited briefly about 1 and a half hours. Mostly met up and chatted with friends, didn't bother going into the dealer's room. I took a few photos, did some sightseeing before heading out. It was my first year at wizard world, and I have mixed feeling about it. It seems like a tight convention in the sense that there's a lot going on, but at the same time its not as though there was... I was there on the Sunday and there weren't too many cosplayers, can't blame them since the con seems to be a bit out of ways for most people, and the bloody cold also didn't help. It was pretty cool Seeing Jake Lloyd, Billy Dee Williams and Peter Mayhew in person though. It was a Star Wars treat. My other main event was meeting the guys from redlettermedia (famour for their 70-minute star wars phantom menace review, followed up by even longer reviews of the following movies). Mike and Jay were cool guys and it was great talking to them. Overall not a bad con, may attend again next year.

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