Anime North 2011 Weekend

Another year of Anime North containing panels, costumes, photographers and more, has come and gone. Even before the weekend had started I was already quite busy finishing up work so I could make it adequately on time for Friday. I can say each day was a disaster driving the TCC, not so bad going back to base camp at 1am though.

My GF picked my pass up on Thursday evening which made it so much easier to just go in on the Friday (Thanks!). From there I proceeded to examine the area and see what new layout there was this year. Similar to last year's, but I prefered the entrance/exit out of the dealer's room reversed, the traffic was sorta crashing into itself at the "intersection". Didn't purchase much this year, maybe its because I'm holding out for the other several conventions I'll be heading to in the following months.

The weather was so-so during the weekend, with Sunday being fairly sunny and quite humid. Could've been a lot worse, so we should be thankful for what we had. Here's to having three days full of sun next year!

I did a couple photoshoots through the weekend, though I found it difficult pulling decent cosplayers aside for additional photos, will attempt to do better next time. I'll be uploading the photoshoot galleries shortly, meanwhile you can check the 2011 Gallery.

Overall it was another great year, the photography panels I atteneded were decent, plenty of cool mascot-costumes, plenty of friends that I've caught up with, and a great masquerade despite starting late! See you next year cowboy.