A little bit on the Chicago Side

I bought a new car. Alex and I flew over to Minneapolis to pick it up, because cars are cheaper to purchase in the US then here in Canada. The car I bought is a 2010 Honda Accord. It was a delight driving back, though I will have to get used to it after driving our 97' Honda for so long. We drove from Minneapolis to Chicago in about 7 hours, half-way back to Woodstock. We checked into our hotel Monday night, went out in search for dinner which we found, a place called Slurping Turtle, at first I had to do a double-glance to make sure it wasn't a turtle-soup-only place, after glancing at the menue I insited we stay. Overall it was a fun place to eat at, nice variety of food, reasonable pricing for the portions and Trigun playing on the background TV.

Note: All photos taken with my Cell phone Camera

We spent Tuesday touring most of downtown, visiting the John Hancock tower, Marylin Monroe statue, Silver Bean in Millenium park, visiting more restaurants (Cheesecake Factory and The girl and the goat, review here), touring downtown and my favourite- tracking down Blues Brothers location sets (being a huge Blues Brothers movie fan!). We managed to find a couple, and a few others which were simply too far or vague to visit we didn't. Our hotel was a 2-minute walk from Chez Paul, a restaurant where Elwood does a crazy 180 degree parking trick, that was awesome. The last place we visited before exiting Chicago (after a crazy 20-minute highway-ramp hunt) is the Triple Rock Church, I was looking at it in awe. It was an awesome trip and Chicago is definitely an awesome city to check out, I know I'll be back one day.

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