Katsucon 2012: In Washington

Katsucon 2012 was a blast, it was my first time at the convention and also first time in Washington.

Apologies for the late upload, I’ve been out on a ski trip (video coming from that later) after the convention and hadn’t had time to process the photos.

My roomies (My GF Alex, Nikki and Alex) and I left Thursday morning to Washington. At the border we were questioned as usual, this one’s a bit funny; when we replied we’re going to Katsucon in Washington DC, he looked confused and asked us what it is, we replied it’s a large gathering of people at a convention. He looked puzzled, “What’s it do?” “Um, nothing, it’s just a group gathering…” He replies “Do you have it with you?” “No… it’s where we’re going…” Poor fellow was a bit confused but eventually let us through. Drive down was fine, despite raining for 8/10 hours, the music kept us entertained as did the chatter.

I’m just going to summarize what went on during the weekend, may be a little out of order.  We had dinner Thursday night after meeting up with some Canadian people and chatting for a bit. Lots of great locations for photo-shoots at the Gaylord convention center, very nice place, we even got a Handicap hotel room, consensus was it was because we had Nikki in our group. The walk down the hallway to the hotel room was a fair walk. There is a “town” right beside the Gaylord, which almost looked like a set from a Hollywood movie, clean, lots of stores and restaurants, Banana Milkshake mmmmm~~

The convention was a lot of fun and the weather was awesome for both Friday and Saturday, and pretty good on the Sunday. I managed to get about 8 or so photoshoots done over the weekend, which I’ll be posting later on once I finish them. I’ll also be uploading a video later on as well, I gots lots of stuff to work through right now, not to mention work which is keeping me on my toes.

The general con gallery is here, so check that out for now!

Video is up!