NEW: D800 Camera, Visit to the Zoo and Update

I received my new camera, the Nikon D800, about two weeks ago. It was an early birthday present to myself. I originally ordered the camera the day it became available to pre-order in Canada, sometime in mid-February I believe. My birthday was on May 10th and it arrived a few days early!

I've taken some shots here and there with it, but haven't done any portrait shoots with it yet. The results that I achieved with it from my visit to the Zoo (Seen here!) have been astounding! The dynamic range and all the glorious megapixels crammed onto the sensor have proven to be great assets to the camera. I'm not going to do a camera review, but the camera is indeed fantastic, solid body, CF and SD card slots, full 35mm sensor with great ISO performance, superb video quality and clean photo results.

I also subsribed to the new Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud service and the new programs are a nice upgrade from CS5. I haven't had a chance to try out every one out into detail, but the camera raw is nicely improved, editing the new D800 files has become that much more fun. There's also a few pictures from downtown T.O at the beginning which were taken before/after my birthday dinner on Saturday May 12th.

I haven't done too much posting previously mainly because a lack of events in my area and because I've been busy with work. There will be plentiful updates from the number of conventions I'll be attending in the coming months.

This includes AN, Colossalcon, LAX, Otakon, Otakuthon and Fan Expo, with NYCC and Youmacon in the Fall months. If you're going to any of these cons be sure to give me a shout, I'm open for photoshoots.

Now if you haven't, check out the zoo photos here.