Anime North 2012 Wrap-Up

Another year at Anime North in Toronto, this being my 9th year, gonna hit the big 1-0 next year!

By Friday noon I had all my luggage packed, memory cards cleaned and batteries charged. I arrived at the con at 3:30, little did I know I had a 90 minute waiting line...waiting for me before I got to pick up my companion's and I badges. Pretty sure this was the longest badge wait I've been in at AN so far, hopefully it'll be a tad speedier next year. I'm sure the bunch of people who were there on Saturday to pick up their badges would also appreciate it (more bar code scanners).

Weather held up nicely for all three days, I only felt a few raindrops as we were leaving on Sunday. I did pick up a nice red tan/sunburn(?) by the end of the con. I don't mind a few clouds in the sky to give some more detail in photos.

I took over 1200 photos during the weekend, which with my camera turned out to be 49.9GB worth of memory. Glad I ordered that new 32GB Transcend CF card.

I didn't attend any panels, wish I did for 1 or 2, I'll make a better attempt next year. Anyone know how "Anime's worst Driver" went? I did attend the masquerade and took photos of every entry (which will be posted later which are here), it wasn't a bad year, but I think I've seen more entertaining years. I shot the whole masq on my 85mm lens, we'll see how those came out. Props to Ricky for throwing in some entertaining jokes along the way!

So go check out the photos and make sure you attend next year!