Colossalcon 2012 Review

So a new convention has come and passed, and I can tell you I had a super great time. It took place at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio, a large hotel with large indoor and outdoor waterparks.

I made the mistake of coming on Friday when I should have in fact arrived Thursday, and enjoyed the recreational activities more with my girlfriend Alex! I'll remember to do that for next year. Our room was a mix of about 14 people or so, I never did a head count, but was fairly controlled for most of the time. I even got to listen to nearly an entire movie while half-asleep! : P No worries as its a time to let loose.

Photography-wise I managed to get a few photoshoots and some good shots around the con area, also shot some video which I'll post later on. I met up with some old friends and met new ones which is always a bonus, good doing business with. It was my second convention with my D800 camera, and I find myself using my 85mm 1.4D lens more so then my other, it gives me some good results.

It seems to be a theme, but my go pro was water-damaged in the pool area...I knew there was an ever-so-slight opening since I took the front plastic element off (scratched, giving me bad results), but I figured as long as I don't keep it submerged for more then a few seconds, the water wouldn't go anywhere fast, and I was wrong. Ackson also had some misfortune with his camera, and I'm sure he'll have more to say about it later.

So, great convention, great location and a decent drive from Toronto. Looking forward to next year!

Check out the photos, and photoshoots as I upload them!