Otakon 2012: On the Storm's Edge

Another fantastic year at Otakon, third one and counting. Alex, Sierra and myself were on our nice little drive down to Baltimore City to enjoy a convention called Otakon, when a nasty storm decided to follow us... the whole way down.

Right from the start, it was cloudy in Toronto. A huge megacloud loomed over us as we left the city around 10 in the morning. The mega-cloud followed us through the border, across a few states, and straight to Otakon. The drive was a wreck as it rained on and off, probably about 40% of the drive...on a 10-hour trip.

We avoided the rain Thursday night when it struck as we were at The Cheescake Factory for some delicious food, and enjoyed the boiling-hot cancer-producing sun for the next three days afterwards. The weather was great apart overall apart from being too hot, and we even had some overcast Sunday-morning, which really helps with photography!

Our hotel was fairly close this year compared to the two years before that, it made going to and from the con rather easy. I brought my usual arsenal of con t-shirt, my camera, lenses, and photography equipment; most of which I used. The convention was enjoyable, I attended two whole panels (missed a third); Anime Mythbusters Friday evening and Super Art Fight Saturday night, both of which were hilarious and entertaining to the max.

I spent the weekend visiting a few different restaurants such as the Noodle place, PF Changs, Kona Grill and Cheescake factory, and must say CF took the cake... Get it? GET IT?!

I have processed my photos and they can be found here, just kidding, they're actually here, those other ones are from last year; tricked you good. I'm still processing photoshoots, but they'll be up later on, so stay tuned for those. Other notable events include having many awesome people to talk to, catching a glimpse of Rock Lee's Springtime Youth Anime, sweating out in the sun while pressing my camera trigger, and having Saturday-night's leftover Mongolian Szechuan beef package explode in my suitcase where I keep my lightstands and other small miscellaneous items, that was fun. So I need to clean my equipment and get a new suitcase; which is a shame because I just started enjoying cutting off all the loose carpet threads between the wheels which would make it drag.

Again, view this year's photos here, if you come across a photo you like of yourself, I'm selling larger-2000p minimal-watermarked additional-edit sized photos for $5, and extra $3 for every photo after that.

Here's to another Otakon next year, right after I get through Otakuthon this coming weekend.