Cosplay Picnic 2012 Detailed Review

And by detailed review, I mean keeping it really shor-


The lead phot was taken AT center island, but does not include any cosplayers, unless they're drowning and I photoshopped it out.

This year's cosplay picnic took place on Aug 12, on Center Island, just south of the Toronto border. It was the raindate for Aug 11's original date, but weather happened and things change, just look at the dinosaurs. 

I met up with a bunch of friends for a relaxing fun time of sitting on a blanket. Oh- and talking. We played some badminton, ate some snacks, I shot some photos (best evah), and really just enjoyed ourselves on a finally not-too-hot cosplay gathering day.

Photos are up here, all 57 of'em, which is weak compared to my 400-pound+ Gorilla set from AX.

And the wait begins for next year's picnic, thanks to Pan and Amanda for organizing this year's!