Unplugged Expo: Tiny First-year Con

Probably the smallest con I've attended thus far, and not much to say about it. I mainly went there to hang out with people and it was good for that. I attended to 2/3 panels and was too busy to check out any of the video or game rooms. I took a few photos which can be found HERE.

Will I go again next year? Probably, again mainly to meet up with people and probably check out another panel or two. I did purchase a nice Goku art print from the artist alley, which will put on my wall somehow later on. The con was tight and but cozy, but not uncomfortable funny enough. A park right nearby was a bonus with plenty of places to eat minutes within walking distance. A bunch of us went to lunch at Cora's, we had Megan with us who cosplayed Cora. It was amazing.

Also a good temperature, bonus.

Photoshoot is up!