Katsucon 2013: Cold & Busy

And what I mean by “Cold & Busy” is that it was cold and busy during the con, and that I had a cold.

Our magical journey to Washington DC (or specifically National Harbor if you’re picky) began as Alex, Glay and Technoranma let Toronto Thursday morning for very exciting 11-hour car trip down south. It seems as though everytime I cross the border, despite saying “we’re going to an anime convention called Katsucon”, I still get asked what that is, and on one occasion, what it does…

We arrived Thursday night around 8pm after making a slight detour through the Washington area, lovely place with plenty of men walking with a bouqet of flowers for it was Valentine’s day. Long story short, we got our luggage to the hotel room, I parked the car in the parking garage, and after a bit of wandering around me and Alex went on our Valentine’s day dinner to Nando’s. Delicious.

Most of my weekend consisted of attending my scheduled photoshoots. I’m actually really surprised by how many requests I received as it was my first time doing so, so really a big thank you to everyone who booked a shoot with me! I really appreciate it and will work on getting the photos edited and handed to you ASAP!

I mentioned I had a cold (or con plague?), first thing Friday morning, I’m just now getting over it, a week later. I spent a lot of time coughing (Op Op Oppan) Dracula-style. It's the first time I’ve been sick at a convention, I survived.

As you no doubt heard, we had the pleasure of sharing the lovely gazebo with the BBYO jewish youth convention. I’m not gonna delve into this too far, but it was annoying finding out that the most prominent location that stands out (ie “meet me at the Gazebo at 3”, “ok” vs “meet me on the left panel side of the hotel room second floor balcony area”, “uh wut?). It ended up being a compromise for Saturday and Sunday in where we had the Gazebo-side of the floor, good enough I guess. Hopefully for next year there won’t be any such issues. Posed a problem when photoshoot real estate was at a premium! Haha.

I met up with the usual friends Sam, Kyle, Megan, Mike, and so many others; also had a short chat with Yaya Han, Elysium (this guy is insane with the equipment he brought lol!).

I have most of my photos uploaded here, I have a few more I need to edit and upload, will be done  within the next day or two.

Thanks for checking out the post  and photo gallery and leave any feedback should you choose to.

If you see yourself in the gallery, you can always purchase a 2K sized version for $5.

*checks time*

Gotta drive over to Con-G now!