Con-G 2013: One more time?


The fifth installment of Con-G was held at the Delta hotel in Guelph, across the street from the hotel for the first two installments. I can say right off the bat, Friday was the best day out of the whole weekend.

I ended up getting in a little later around 6:30 due to the weather, but once I arrived, I picked up my awesome-quality media badge, I toured the area, I set-up equipment in a corner that I claimed as my own, and did a photoshoot with Amber and Becky as Sailor scouts. I jumped in near the end of Jen’s mask-making panel, and made my own questionable mask with a piece of scrap…

I followed-up by driving with some people to a pub for dinner, and the crew of 12 or so had some good laugh around the table, the curry was good, I enjoyed it. Drove back to the con, and headed into the Game Asylum vehicle, which contains 4 xbox's hooked up to 4 giant TVs with awesome speakers, played some Halo 4 for a good bit with some interesting characters before heading out to Jen’s room where this crazy party was happening, it was totally out of control. I may be exaggerating just a bit.

It was most certainly fun, conversed with various friends, watched some Gravity Falls (will need to follow up on that), played around with Dan’s camera, all good. I checked up on some other people in another room before headin’ back home for the night around 1am.

Saturday I had a bunch more photoshoots scheduled with various cosplayers, nailed them all off in the afternoon, thanks for booking! : ) Luckily many friends stopped by to visit me in my corner of the stairwell, and some even brought me Pizza so I could dine in fashion for lunch! Thanks Chantal and co.! Saturday was also my little unfortunate accident in where the top LCD of my camera received some damage… I still need to send that off for repair, jeez. Sort of out of order at this point, I did some other stuff and hung out at a few panels throughout Saturday and Sunday, checked out the 404’s on Sunday, J-Dance Sat night, and chitchatted with more folks at this socially-awesome con.

I will say I’m not the biggest fan of the hotel design, the main hallway was the popular social-gathering point, but it proved to become quite crowded, and there weren’t too many corner areas you could easily sneak off to. I know the Daleks took up a reasonable portion of the “living room” area, which may be needed for next year, for if it’s the last, the Delta will be packed!

As usual, con staff are friggin’ awesome, huge shout-out to Lindsey and the gang! Pretty stress-free con as usual, and everything is located close to wherever you may be in the hotel, one of the many benefits of a smaller con.

Don’t know what else to add, other than I’m sadly looking forward to the last installment of Con-G next year, and I’ll be able to proudly say I attended each and every Con-G! Warm and fluffy thoughts in my heart.

So thanks for reading and check out the gallery to see the fun-themed photos from the events.