Limited FanEx 2013 Photoshoot Slots

Current Status: CLOSED

After some deliberating I've decided to once again attend FanEx this year and will have limited photoshoot slots available.

So a quick overview of some basic info here, photoshoots are $30 each, $10 per additional person, you get 7-10 photos at minimum, each one 2000 pixels large. Sessions last 30-45 minutes. Wait time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

More info can be found here which I suggest you take a look at if you haven't already. By requesting a shoot I'll take it you agree to those terms.

What I need from you is the following:



Cosplay Planned:

What time/date:

Due to the con's high prices I've decided to attend FanEx for only two days, Sat and Sun. I'll have a total of 7 photoshoot slots, they are:

Saturday: 11am, 12pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

Sunday: 11am, 12pm

There will be only one meet-up spot for this con, and that's across the street from the south building entrance, beside the train car. The reason is that Hobbystar seems to used up a lot of real estate around the convention center, so the train car seems like a pretty safe bet for a meet-up location. Remember, this is just the meet-up location, we can go where you would like to shoot once we have met-up, though I would avoid inside the con center due to congestion.

In your email to me, make sure to include the above bolded info along with "Fan Ex" somewhere in the title, and when choosing your times, please select your order preference as well, ie 12pm, 3pm, 11am. I'll try to make sure it works for everybody.

I'll be on lunch from about 1-3pm on Saturday somewhere downtown nearby, if anyone wants to join up give me a shout!

If you have any questions, just include those in your email and I'll get back to you shortly. Due to only 7 slots, I will have to turn people down after that, don't take it personally! :' D

Thanks and Good Luck!