2014 Photoshoot Giveaways

So as I mentioned earlier in my previous post, I will be trying out some photoshoot giveaways for 2014. As of now, I have two in play.

The first contest is for Katsucon 2014. The entries are simple, you have 1 free entry, you get another entry for tweeting about my contest, and a third when you answer the question. Your prize? A free Photoshoot!

Katsucon 2014 Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The other contest giveaway is for a convention of your choice, one that I must be attending of course. Check my calendar. The winner will receive 1 Free Photoshoot!

It hasn't happened before, but if it ends up I can't make it to that particular convention, I will honor your Photoshoot towards a different convention.

Your-Choice 2014 Convention

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What "Free Photoshoot" means: You, the winner, will get first dibs on my Shoot Schedule before its posted, to which we'll work out the day and time of when you want your photoshoot. You are allowed to bring 1 extra person with you on the photoshoot if you wish, any more and the regular fee of $20 per model will apply.

The winner will be randomly selected through the Rafflecopter system, your odds on winning are dependent on the total number of entries. The winner will be contacted by email, if there is no reply within 72 hours after the contest closes, another winner will be randomly chosen. The winner will be mentioned in a blog post related to the upcoming convention when the time comes.

So there you have it, two giveaway prizes to start of 2014, I'll probably be doing more throughout the year, but want to see how these go first. I'm thinking of doing 1 giveaway for each con I attend, with a "Pick your own convention to have the photoshoot at" less sporadically through the year, on special occasions.

And just to finish things off, I finally made some prints and managed to get some cheap frames (because I will be buying a dozen or two of them, they are cheap $10 ones), I framed a couple up and put them on my wall, whaddya think?

The prints look great in person and it really makes me feel good being able to see my work on some actual paper instead of just monitors all the time. I have a massive 24x36" print planned as well...

Leave your comments below to let me know if you have any comments or thoughts on anything, I am open to ideas for future projects as always.

Thanks for the read and good luck! : )