Colossalcon 2014: WaterParks and Photoshoots

Back from Colossalcon with photos and a tan; another relaxing year at Vacation-Con!

My GF Alex and I left Thursday morning from Toronto to travel to Sandusky, where the Kalahari resort lays just south.

It was about a 5 hour drive, which really isn’t so bad, especially compared with this year’s Katsucon drive clocking in at 13 hours. We arrived at the hotel around 4:30, got our stuff packed in, put our bathing suits on and headed to the pool area!

Compared to last year, where we roomed with multiple people across three rooms, it was just 3-5 people total in our room this year, so a lot more quiet, especially with the tall echoe-y ceiling. On one hand it was nice, on the other a little unexciting, but that’s ok. The only time we hit up the Villas where most of the Canadians were staying was Saturday night for about an hour or two. Fun for parties but it’s not really my thing. One villa was the 30 yo Canadian median age, while the other younger villa was for the 25 yo median age; and you could tell which was which based on how they partied haha.

The convention itself didn’t really stick out too much this year. I didn’t visit it as often, maybe one of the contributing factors is I didn’t get a full schedule of what was happening, just from Thur to mid-Sat. I did see lot sof great and creative costumes, some awesome work people!

Last year’s con was a lot more memorable for me personally, but I still enjoy coming down to see friends and hanging out, aaaaand go to the waterpark. Hoping next year is more exciting.


I did enjoy doing photoshoots and hope everyone had a good time with them! I’ll begin working on those just as soon as my AN shoots are done, priorities! I did the notice the weather was almost opposite of last year’s, only the Sunday was cloudy and rainy this year while last year it was  Fri and Sat I believe that were cloudy. But they make for great photoshooting times!

Not much else to say, gonna wrap this up as I need to head out for the day.

Thanks for the read, and check out the photo gallery!