FUTURE POST: Katsucon 2014

I arrived back in Toronto at 4:30am Monday morning and have two days of work and am heading out on a ski trip for a few days then heading to Con-G. I will be posting my Katsucon photos/blog next week either Sunday or Monday. In the meantime, here's a picture of me with Rei and Asuka (empress-arcana)! From my Twitter.

Katsu '14 Shoots & More

CLOSED: Thanks to everyone requested a shoot, unfortuntaely I could not accept all the requests so apologies to those people!

A new year, new stuff. But firstly, photoshoots are now open for Katsucon 2014! I know there have been many excited people already contacting me the past few weeks, but we are finally here!

Also new, through popular demand, I will be making prints available!

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2014 Photoshoot Giveaways

So as I mentioned earlier in my previous post, I will be trying out some photoshoot giveaways for 2014. As of now, I have two in play.

The first contest is for Katsucon 2014. The entries are simple, you have 1 free entry, you get another entry for tweeting about my contest, and a third when you answer the question. Your prize? A free Photoshoot!

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End of 2013 - What's Next?

The 2013 Con season is all wrapped up for me. I want to take a minute and thank all those who I've shot with this year, hoping you had an enjoyable time and that you are please with the end results.

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NYCC 2013 - Turkey Weekend

NYCC took place this past weekend at the NYC Javitz center, and I was there to document the whole thing. Well, almost. Take the jump for details.
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Youmacon 2013 Photoshoot Schedule

Current Status: FULL! Thanks to all who applied!

I am now accepting requests for Photoshoots for Youmacon 2013!~ 

Once again, here are a few minor changes to the way things work. Have a look at the refreshed list here. Basically a copy from my NYCC post with some minor tweaks.  Take a look!

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NYCC 2013 Photoshoot Schedule

Current Status: CLOSED! Thank you to everyone to applied!

So NYCC is coming up in a month and what a better way to celebrate that than to open up photoshoots, eh, eh?!

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Otakuthon 2013: C’ étais bon!

So a week after Otakon took place, I was off to Otakuthon which is held in Montreal at the Palais de Congrès. And yes, it was a jam-packed exciting weekend.
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Colossalcon 2013: Vacation-Con

The only Con that has birds, an indoor watermark, an arcade, and a pet detective...

This is my second year at Collosalcon and I have to say probably topped the first year! 

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Anime North 2013: 10-Year Anniversary!

This year marks the 10th year that I've been to Anime North. AN also happens to be the first anime con I've ever attended, way back in 2004. Can't believe its been so long already!
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