FUTURE POST: Katsucon 2014

I arrived back in Toronto at 4:30am Monday morning and have two days of work and am heading out on a ski trip for a few days then heading to Con-G. I will be posting my Katsucon photos/blog next week either Sunday or Monday. In the meantime, here's a picture of me with Rei and Asuka (empress-arcana)! From my Twitter.

Katsu '14 Shoots & More

CLOSED: Thanks to everyone requested a shoot, unfortuntaely I could not accept all the requests so apologies to those people!

A new year, new stuff. But firstly, photoshoots are now open for Katsucon 2014! I know there have been many excited people already contacting me the past few weeks, but we are finally here!

Also new, through popular demand, I will be making prints available!

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2014 Photoshoot Giveaways

So as I mentioned earlier in my previous post, I will be trying out some photoshoot giveaways for 2014. As of now, I have two in play.

The first contest is for Katsucon 2014. The entries are simple, you have 1 free entry, you get another entry for tweeting about my contest, and a third when you answer the question. Your prize? A free Photoshoot!

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End of 2013 - What's Next?

The 2013 Con season is all wrapped up for me. I want to take a minute and thank all those who I've shot with this year, hoping you had an enjoyable time and that you are please with the end results.

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NYCC 2013 - Turkey Weekend

NYCC took place this past weekend at the NYC Javitz center, and I was there to document the whole thing. Well, almost. Take the jump for details.
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Youmacon 2013 Photoshoot Schedule

Current Status: FULL! Thanks to all who applied!

I am now accepting requests for Photoshoots for Youmacon 2013!~ 

Once again, here are a few minor changes to the way things work. Have a look at the refreshed list here. Basically a copy from my NYCC post with some minor tweaks.  Take a look!

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NYCC 2013 Photoshoot Schedule

Current Status: CLOSED! Thank you to everyone to applied!

So NYCC is coming up in a month and what a better way to celebrate that than to open up photoshoots, eh, eh?!

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Otakuthon 2013: C’ étais bon!

So a week after Otakon took place, I was off to Otakuthon which is held in Montreal at the Palais de Congrès. And yes, it was a jam-packed exciting weekend.
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