FanEx 2014: Con-Densed

FanExpo was so busy I almost couldn't fit my text in!

Though I attended Fanexpo again for technically only day, this year marks my 10th year Anniversary in attending in what we used to be well-known as "CN Anime"! Let's take a blast to the past with words from the present!

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Otakon 2014: Semi-Decade Anniv & Mechz

This year marks my 5th year attending Otakon, and I must say -despite the obvious Thursday strife- it was overall a great experience. I have lots to type about so click the link and start reading.

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Otakuthon 2014 Photoshoot Sessions

The one convention I attend whose primary lanaguage is both English and French, Otakuthon. I've been getting lots of inquiries about this con, and now its time! Hit the break for details.

Update: FULL! Thanks to everyone who applied, I have to start sorting through the requests now!

Update 2: I've finished sending off all replies, apologies for the delay and if I was unable to accomodate you. The largest amount of requests I've received for any convention, nearly 30; it was difficult to make decisions with so many interesting cosplayers, both familiar and new were given equal consideration. Thanks to everyone!

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ConBravo 2014: First and Wet

At last-minute I decided to finally attend ConBravo which takes place in Hamilton ON, I’m not sure what took me so long to finally attend, but I’m glad I did as to me it’ll somewhat be filling the void left by the late Con-G.

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Otakon 2014 Photoshoot Bookings

Without even realizing until now, its now one month away from Otakon! Which means that I begin taking shoots for this fun usually-very-hot convention! Hit the break for details!
Status: FULL!
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ConBravo 2014 Photoshoot Bookings

I've decided at last-minute to attend another Canadian con, ConBravo! It'll be my first year attending so I'm interested in seeing what it has to offer. I'm open for shoots so skip the break for details.
Update: Only Friday Evening left
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Anime North 2014: The Future Days of Past

A strong eleven, years at Anime North. It was ten years ago, back in 2004 when I attended my first convention ever, Anime North. Oh how much has changed since then, the world is almost unrecognizable now! One thing stayed the same, there are still Naruto cosplayers.

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